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Home of the compatible Rambo control boards for your 3D Printer!


Product Categories :   Electronic boards - Accessories - Hotends - Filaments

About us

RepRap Electro’s mission is to offer cost effective, reliable and high quality electronic products for your RepRap 3D printer. Our purpose is to help bring down the cost for 3D printers and open this wonderful world to as many people as possible.

At RepRap Electro we specialize in the RAMBo 3D printer controller motherboards, but we also offer other electronics, accessories and products for your 3D printers. We offer competitive prices and free shipping on most of our products.

We take great care to support customers as best as possible and pride ourselves with having the best customer satisfaction. We are also deeply involved in the RepRap and open source communities and we contribute to the evolution of RepRap any way we can.

We look forward to serving you.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at: info@reprapelectro.com or use the Contact form below.

You can also find us on the #reprap and #rambo IRC channels on the Freenode servers under the nickname of KaKaRoTo.

RepRap Electro is owned and operated by Youness Alaoui and is a registered Enterprise in Quebec, Canada.

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